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From AJR,   May 1999  issue

Cliché Corner   

By Lori Robertson
Lori Robertson (robertson.lori@gmail.com), a former AJR managing editor, is a senior contributing writer for the magazine.      

"The Gazette sports department is going retro. And it's taking you along."
West Virginia's Charleston Gazette

"Six teens from Derry also retro-outfitted themselves for the occasion, the boys in suspenders, watch chains and hats, the girls in dresses and hairstyles reminiscent of the World War II era."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"For a decade, the Charlotte, N.C.-based quartet has combined rockabilly riffs with punk panache and country twang to create a raucous, retro sound.... They will be playing with Hepcat, a nine-piece band from Southern California that sounds like a hodgepodge of retro styles, jumpy, ska rhythms and soul-inspired melodies."
Cleveland's Plain Dealer
Cliché Corner Daily Double!

"Why bother with 'retro' new-age autos that have a few old-car styling touches when you can get the brand new 'retro' Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 30th Anniversary model?"
Chicago Sun-Times
Cliché Corner Double Daily Double!

"Going retro in this era of Cuban innovation would be like American teenagers starting a Dixieland band during the Beatles revolution."
Los Angeles Times

"At 10:30, we slip off into the night, the retro-comfort of our circumstances a welcome contrast to the harshly lighted concrete junk out the window that is one of the realities of the Russian landscape."
Baltimore Sun

"Unlike the retro '50s swankiness of the central dining room, however, the dishes are a visual throwback to the late '80s-early '90s...."
New Orleans' Times-Picayune

"Getting to 'I Do' has much in common with Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider's better-known retro dating guide, The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets of Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right...."
Village Voice

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