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From AJR,   August/September 2005  issue

Not Dead Yet   

By Unknown

Thanks to Paul Farhi for saying in the June/July issue what many of us believe: Newspapers aren't dead ("A Bright Future for Newspapers"). I'd add that it's about time our industry came up with an advertising campaign to change the public's false perception that we are.

The longer we wait to change the public's mind, the harder it will be and the sooner we will be writing our own obit. The advertising campaign, obviously, will have quite a bit of idiocy to overcome. For example, there are the commentators on CNBC, the financial channel, who sit around desks covered with that day's newspapers quoting them as the source for their stories, yet calling us a dead industry.

Where would they be without us?

If the corporations that stand to benefit won't do anything, maybe the Newspaper Association of America or Associated Press Managing Editors should do it. Or do we want to die?

Joe Kollin
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Broward County Edition
Fort Lauderdale, Florida