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From AJR,   August/September 2006  issue

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"All the Oakland starter could do was wince while watching a television when A's closer Huston Street left a fastball in Barry Bonds' wheelhouse with two outs, no one on and the A's clinging to a one-run lead."
(Sacramento Bee)

"ABC is taking the positive momentum of 'Grey's Anatomy' right into the wheelhouse of CBS's 'CSI,' while strong performer 'The O.C.' and 'Deal or No Deal' vie as dark horses during a very competitive 9 p.m. hour."
(Television Week)

"Through a war with its flawed premise and relentless expense, through reports of government eavesdropping on citizens, through serious charges of torture and questions about the treatment of detainees, Congress has given the Bush team a pass at every turn. But now that the Justice Department has dared to get into Congress's wheelhouse , members are outraged."
(Nashville's Tennessean)

"[Steven Spielberg] proved again that he rules his wheelhouse with War of the Worlds."
(London's Evening Standard)

"English playwright Peter Shaffer wrote 'Lettice and Lovage' in 1987 as a vehicle for the great Dame Maggie Smith as a flamboyant British tour guide. The role was right in Smith's wheelhouse , allowing her free reign [sic] to unfurl all the Smithian mannerisms with lip smacking extravagance."
(Copley News Service)

"If ever there was a cause in baseball's wheelhouse , it is steroids, the drugs that haven't taken any lives from the clubhouse (yet), but continue to gnaw away at its heart and soul."
(New York's Daily News)

"We probably owe this man [Rudy Giuliani] more for the salvation of big-city society from the excesses of the 70's and 80's than any human alive. Let's not forget this as we search for leadership down the road. The immigration issue is going to play directly to Rudy's wheelhouse ."

From 168 references between April 24 and June 21, some pertaining to an actual wheelhouse — the pilothouse on a boat — rather than one's area of expertise