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From AJR,   August/September 2007  issue

Cliché Corner   

"A Mighty Heart"... It's almost a police procedural, with a focus on the nuts and bolts of the investigation."

(National Public Radio)

"Angelina Jolie has always seemed larger than life... 'A Mighty Heart' changes all that...Following closely Pearl's memoir, John Orloff's screenplay unfolds like a police procedural."


" 'A Mighty Heart'is a movie about knowing, understanding, and commemorating... So the movie's a police procedural, confusing..and at times dizzyingly effective."

(Boston Globe)

" 'A Mighty Heart,' .. a taut, meticulously crafted police procedural."

(Washington Post)

".. 'A Mighty Heart'is a precision-tooled Hollywood machine... Structured like a police procedural.."

(New York Times)

".. 'A Mighty Heart' is most accurately viewed as a kind of political film noir, a tense and elaborate police proceduralinvestigation.."

(Los Angeles Times)

".. 'A Mighty Heart' sticks to the facts... for the most part it's a methodical police procedural as Pakistani and American authorities mobilize to find him."

(Kansas City Star)

" 'A Mighty Heart'which turns one of the more horrific chapters of post-9/11 history into a tight, if a bit dry, police-proceduraldrama."

(Salt Lake Tribune)