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From AJR,   October/November 2008  issue

Donít Forget Us   

By Unknown

Arielle Emmett's article ("Handheld Headlines," August/September) offers good insight into the long-term potential of the mobile news market. But she neglected to mention the Mobile News Network, the first national footprint for local news on the mobile phone and one of the most popular news applications in Apple's App Store.

The Mobile News Network is the first product released by the Associated Press Digital Cooperative, an initiative aimed at finding new digital outlets for the news and information produced by AP and its members.

The Mobile News Network offers a single point of access to local and national news from trusted sources for wireless users, wherever they are and whenever they need it. Designed specifically for the iPhone and other market-leading smartphones, the Mobile News Network provides a rich media gateway to local news content, supplemented by AP's text, photos and video. Local news is branded and supplied by AP members.

Jane Seagrave

Senior Vice President

Global Product Development

Associated Press

New York, New York