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From AJR,   June/July 2009  issue

“One of Your Best”   

By Unknown

I want you to know that AJR's February/March issue was one of your best! Usually I am complaining about the lack of articles on broadcast/cable news. But the loss of America's newspapers is an issue that affects all of us in journalism. (And indeed, all of us who think democracy and freedom matter.) And articles on ways to stay current, to survive as organizations and as individuals are particularly welcome.

Last year I taught (a first for me) a summer introductory course in news and video at a university in Prague. I hope to repeat the experience this summer if the economy cooperates. I printed out two columns, "Shining Through the Gloom" by Barb Palser and "Collaborate or Die" by Deborah Potter, to save as required reading material for my students. I want them to understand what they might be getting themselves into if they take more serious journalism courses.

So thank you and keep those helpful articles coming!

Stephani Shelton

Kinnelon, New Jersey