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From AJR,   December/January 2010  issue

Cliché Corner: Game-changer   

By Unknown

"A Conservative victory in this very francophone Quebec riding could be a game-changer ."

( Toronto Star )

"The $9 bestseller is the game-changer publishers need to rejigger their relationships with their biggest authors."

( Washington Post )

"Landing an appearance by the president seems to be a game-changer at least for one show in late-night television."

( New York Times )

"The move would be a game-changer for the region in the same way that the airport, professional sports and the performing arts center were in earlier generations."

( St. Petersburg Times )

"In this economy, it's better to invest in a wardrobe game changer or something that instantly updates what you've got."

( Boston Globe )

"Menino won just more than half the vote in the Sept. 22 preliminary election, but, in a bold move hailed as a potential game-changer , Flaherty, the second-place finisher, forged a surprise alliance with the third place finisher, Councilor at Large Sam Yoon, hoping that their combined forces would enable them to defeat the incumbent."

( Boston Globe )