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From AJR,   October/November 2011  issue

Doing More with Less   

Posted: Thurs. March, 3, 2011

By Unknown

It is interesting that three of your articles in the Winter issue ("Retreating from the World," "From the Fringe to the Mainstream" and "Navigating the Future") have a common thread that news, our culture and, ultimately, history are being redefined by the impact that staff reductions are having at many media organizations.

As an assistant editor (and photographer, reporter, Web site designer and social media specialist) at a newspaper, I eventually began my own entertainment news site in part because other media outlets were failing to document local concerts, events and film festivals that would have been lost to history. Until journalists and photographers are willing to do anything to cover a great story, even if that means becoming multi-skilled and accepting a modest wage, the industry will continue to suffer a decline. The true challenge of modern journalism is to do more with less, while ensuring that less is more.

Michael Aaron Gallagher
Syracuse, New York