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From AJR,   May 2001  issue

Anchor Adrift   

Former Alabama TV anchor sues station for age discrimination.

By Kathryn S. Wenner
Kathryn S. Wenner, a former AJR associate editor, is a copy editor at the Washington Post.     

A veteran television anchor in Huntsville, Alabama, files an age discrimination lawsuit against his former employer. Tom Kennemer , 59, left NBC affiliate WAFF-TV last December after being told he was losing two-thirds of his pay, all of his benefits and his spot on the six o'clock newscast, leaving him only the noon anchor slot. "It was a shock to me because I had been doing the six o'clock news there since 1981," says Kennemer, who adds that the show's Nielsen numbers were strong. His lawsuit against WAFF and owner Raycom Media says his duties were given to a younger employee, and asks for reinstatement and back pay or financial compensation for lost salary. Officials at the station and Raycom Media declined to comment.