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From AJR,   July/August 2000

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Former CNN producer April Oliver's suit against the cable network comes to an end as she settles the case.

By AJR Staff

Former CNN producer April Oliver's lawsuit against the cable network comes to an end as she settles the case with her former employer. Terms were not disclosed. Oliver was one of two producers fired after their report on Vietnam's Operation Tailwind could not be verified by a CNN investigation (see "An Ill Tailwind"). Oliver has staunchly defended the story.... St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter George Dohrmann takes his sports investigations talent to Sports Illustrated . Dohrmann won a Pulitzer Prize this year for an exposť of academic fraud at the University of Minnesota (see "Body Slam").... Competing anchors tie the knot in Philadelphia: WCAU-TV 's Larry Mendte and KYW-TV 's Dawn Stensland put their rivalry aside and get married.... Another Web site bites the dust as NewsWatch.org , whose mission was to keep an eye on the news media, shuts down after two years. Retired businessman and sole funder Paul Mongerson pulled the plug on NewsWatch because it wasn't realizing his vision of bringing "ordinary news consumers into the debate over media distortion that currently takes place among elites." NewsWatch Editor Trevor Butterworth says the site is negotiating funding and is likely to return.... While Internet sites struggle to make a buck, magazines about the Internet continue to succeed. The ad-heavy weekly Industry Standard will launch a new monthly called Grok . Industry Standard Executive Editor Bob Cohn, is directing the launch of Grok, which will address a specific aspect of the Internet economy in each issue.