AJR  Cliché Corner
From AJR,   October 1993

Cliché corner   

By Chip Rowe
Chip Rowe, a former AJR associate editor, is an editor at Playboy.     

Arguably world cinema's greatest living lighting cameraman, Sven Nykvist,.. (Irish Times)

Ralph Lauren is arguably the king of this pre-assembled look... (Los Angeles Times)

The transmission of light — arguably glass's most poetic function — is the subject of Ms. Shaffer's [work]." (New York Times)

..Orioles broadcaster Jon Miller, arguably the most talented play-by-play man in baseball... (Washington Post)

At least [the publisher] didn't take out all of Robicheaux's trademark ruminations, arguably the best parts of the books. (Chicago Tribune)

The oft-repeated role has pumped--CLAP!--him up to be arguably the most successful action star in film history. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Meanwhile, Nicklaus transformed into arguably the greatest player ever. (Sacramento Bee)

[James Joyce], arguably the greatest novelist of the 20th century... (Calgary Herald)

From four days earlier this year. Nearly a third of 5,000 examples found in a database search had appeared in the previous six months.