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From AJR,   December 1997

Cliché Corner   

"I still haven't sensed any divinity within myself or anyone else, but the pop-guru business is certainly flourishing. And I think Oprah (if she said that) understands the guru's appeal." Plus a headline bonus: Why We Love Gurus

( Wendy Kaminer, in Newsweek )

" Style and food guru Martha Stewart taped a television show at the institute kitchens around New Year's."

( Hartford Courant )

"Nor does he write in praise of his role as the guru-esque Obi-Wan Kenobi in 'Star Wars,' which brought him household fame among younger filmgoers."

( Houston Chronicle )

" 'There's some talented guys, but the problem is there is not enough of them,' said Sid Gillman, 85-year-old guru of NFL offensive philosophies ."

( Columbus Dispatch )

"Sherman..met Wednesday with Michael Murphy, head of the postal service's ZIP Code assignments, to implore the zone guru to provide Oak Park with a new set of digits."

( Los Angeles Times )

"Grigory Rasputin was, indeed, a power-hungry guru who wove a web of deception and debauchery around the Russian royal family."

( Detroit Free Press )

"Rather than real brakes, typical roller skis have 'speed reducers' that can increase resistance and slow the ride, said Len Johnson, whom some call the g uru of roller skis ."

( Boston Globe )

"Nixon's guru , Henry Kissinger, had a charismatic German accent that melted movie stars. Mr. Clinton's guru, Lawrence Summers, keeps pictures of his daughters in his office, as well as a fridge-full of Diet Coke."

( The Economist )

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