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From AJR,   February/March 2005

AJR’s 2004 Undistinguished Media Awards   

By AJR Staff

Most Awesome Display of Chutzpah
Jayson Blair launching a book tour – and calling it "really a penance tour"

Honorable Mention: Howell Raines for his Atlantic
Monthly piece, his Charlie Rose interview--and in general

Best Moment of Poetic Justice
Cancellation of Blair's book tour due to poor sales

Most Ridiculous Fabrication Revealed
Jack Kelley's description of heads rolling down the street "with their eyes still blinking"

Most Important--and Self-Important--Media Phenomenon
Bloggers--just ask them

Best Manipulation of Cable's Saturation Instincts
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Worst Use of Typography Experts
CBS News

Worst Use of the Delete Key
Howell Raines' 20,000-word opus in The Atlantic Monthly

Most Baffling Use of Airtime
Coverage of the Laci Peterson case

Most Thorough Clock-Cleaning
Jon Stewart demolishing CNN's Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala

Worst 2-Word Explanation for the Behavior
of 51 Million Voters
Moral values

Worst Media Cliché for Popular Politicians
Rock star

Best Buyout Deal
$51,500 a month to retiring Tribune Publishing President Jack Fuller for a one-year "consulting agreement," during company-wide cost-cutting

Best Duel Challenge Since Burr-Hamilton
Zell Miller vs. Chris Matthews

Most Overdone Story
Best/Worst of 2004 lists