AJR  Drop Cap
From AJR,   February/March 2007

A Verb Is Born   

By AJR Staff

"If you've ever blogged or YouTubed or MySpaced or Wikipediaed, you are part of a brave, new world."
(ABC News)

"Gil Scott-Heron sang: 'The revolution will not be televised.' But I suspect it may be YouTubed ."
(London's Times)

"Politicians and celebrities might be so freaked out at the prospect of being YouTubed that they won't do or say anything interesting or honest in public."
(Madison, Wisconsin's Capital Times)

"First it was a TV spectacle. Now it's part of the Internet's growing archive of Embarrassing Political Moments Caught on Tape. John Kerry's 'stuck in Iraq' comment has been YouTubed ."
(Washington Post)

"Candidates Fear Being ' YouTubed ' In Wake Of Allen Incident"
(White House Bulletin)

"Virginia Sen. George 'Macaca' Allen and those other impolitic politicians who got caught putting their feet in their mouth on tape--and then had their blunders YouTubed across cyberspace--watched their political futures vaporize on the spot."
(San Francisco Chronicle)

--from 43 LexisNexis references between April and early January