AJR  Cliché Corner
From AJR,   February/March 2007

Cliché Corner   

By AJR Staff

"Now, it's a race for Team Clinton to figure out how to take back some of that media thunder in which Obama is basking. She was supposed to be the rock star in this race, yet she's been pushed aside for the new kid."
(Daily Kos)

" Obama greeted like rock star in Granite State"
(Philadelphia Inquirer)

"With his rock star visit to New Hampshire, the highflying senator continues to tantalize Democrats with intimations of a White House run — and a buzz not felt in American politics since JFK."

"The Media's New Rock Star "
(Washingtonpost.com headline about Barack Obama)

" Obama has not behaved like a political rock star or a jukebox liberal. He doesn't play familiar tunes or use polarizing rhetoric."
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

"Just go with BARACK , like Madonna or Prince or Beck. If this ' rock star ' crap is going to persist for the next 23 months, might as well go all the way."

" Obama transfixed crowds wherever he spoke and energised Democrats who clearly view him as a kind of political rock star ."
(Irish Independent)

--from more than 272 references between early November and early January