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From AJR,   June/July 2007

Cliché Corner   

"Rupert Murdoch", the thrill-ride version of the modern media mogul" (New York Times)

"Murdoch"...who is arguably the most powerful media mogul on the planet." (Michigan's Grand Rapids Press)

"Ex-Murdoch" man Brady 'torn' by mogul's Dow Jones offer" (Romenesko)

"Rupert Murdoch" can rest assured he has won the moguls' wealth battle." (London's Daily Telegraph)

"Rupe" Shill-acked by O.J. Outrage; Thousands swarm Net to decry mogul-omaniac" (New York's Daily News)

"Is Rupert Murdoch", the world's most powerful media mogul, about to meet his maker?" (Toronto Star)

"Rupert Murdoch"..the shrewdest of all the old-school media moguls." (New York Times)

"Murdoch" bid a bold move; Media mogul's offer typical of audacious style" (Baltimore Sun)

"It has been speculated that [Murdoch"] was the model for the villain in the James Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies'--a mogul who tries to start a world war to boost ratings and circulation for his global media empire." (Washington Post)

-- From more than 220 references between November and May