AJR  Letters
From AJR,   August/September 2009

Silenced Voices   

The problem really hit me when I read the pull quote in "The MBA Option" sidebar of Robert Hodierne's "Is There Life After Newspapers?" (February/March). The quote states: "MBA programs target journalists because they add a diverse professional element to the classroom and they have skills corporate employers value: writing, communication and a keen understanding of deadlines."

Not only are thousands of journalist voices being silenced each year, many of those voices are being pressed into the service of corporations a sector of our society that certainly needs to be monitored by the Fourth Estate. No doubt one reason for our nation's current economic mess is a press that was inadequately staffed to cover the complex factors that led up to it. As newspapers recede as a journalistic force, we can only hope that the Internet will find a journalistic model to replace it blogs and Twitter certainly aren't going to take the place of salaried writers and editors devoting their workdays to digging into important issues.

David Schiff

Warwick, New York