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September 1998
An Ill Tailwind
A behind-the-scenes look at how CNN, despite red flags, aired--and was forced to retract--an explosive report on the military's alleged use of poison gas.   > read more
By  Susan Paterno
Bitter Fruit
How the Cincinnati Enquirer's hard-hitting investigation of Chiquita Brands International unraveled.   > read more
By  Alicia C. Shepard
Secrets And Lies
Strong indications that Boston Globe columnist Patricia Smith was making up material had surfaced before the fabrications that led to her downfall, but the paper decided not to confront her.   > read more
By  Sinéad OBrien
Playing Defense
Is enough being done to prevent future journalistic embarrassments?   > read more
By  Judith Sheppard
When Children Kill Children
In covering schoolyard shootings, it's important to provide perspective, and to avoid concentrating too heavily on the suspects while ignoring the victims.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
State of The American Newspaper

The Texas spirit is alive and kicking in Dallas, where A.H. Belo Corp. is bent on doing well by doing good.   > read more
By  Roy Reed
A Friend Writes
Why we all have a vested interest in the survival of The New Yorker.   > read more
By  Thomas Kunkel
The Best Protection Against Misdeeds?
It's the press itself, and that was not always so.   > read more
By  Reese Cleghorn
Speeding Past Red Flags
There were warning signs before the recent journalistic embarrassments.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Don’t Forget About the News
Many young TV journalists are more interested in technique than current affairs.   > read more
By  Lou Prato
When Marketing Overwhelms Journalism
A once-heralded Web site shifts direction and goes under.   > read more
By  J.D. Lasica
Requiring Reporters To Be Pack Rats
Should journalists be forced to keep notes that may be relevant to potential lawsuits?   > read more
By  Jane Kirtley
Oshkosh Paper Joins a Cluster
And the relentless tide of geographic concentration rolls on.   > read more
By  John Morton
Stormy Weather in Fredericksburg   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Ripping and Reading: A Rapid City Rumble   > read more
By  Kelly Heyboer
Salt Lake With An Attitude:Utah’s Vogue New Paper   > read more
By  Judy Fahys
In Praise of Mentoring Young Journalists   > read more
By  Childs Walker
Finding That Federal Data Online   > read more
By  Amy Jeter
Taking the Measure of Online Journalism
And That’s the Way It Will Be: News and Information in a Digital World
By Christopher Harper
New York University Press
256 pages; $24.95   > read more
Book review by  Carl Sessions Stepp
History Buff
Arthur Kent moves to cable.   > read more
By  Keri P. Mattox
For Barnicle, One Controversy Too Many   > read more
By  Sinéad OBrien
Shooting the Messenger
A fiesty, small town paper faces gunfire.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Cliché Corner   > read more
By  Lori Robertson