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December/January 2009
Lights, Camera, Gotcha
Online Exclusive » The new movie “Frost/Nixon” underscores the importance of confrontation interviews. Here are some keys to making them work.   > read more
By  Mark Feldstein
A “Tempting” Opportunity
Online Exclusive »   Andrew Alexander looks forward to his new gig as Washington Post ombudsman.   > read more
By  Lindsay Kalter
Pat Boone, Pundit
Online Exclusive » The white-bread ’50s singer is very, very upset that you don’t see the link between Mumbai and the gay rights movement.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Endangered Species
Many newspapers are laying off the reporters who monitor the federal government from a local angle. The cost could be steep.   > read more
By  Jennifer Dorroh
Off the Bus
Far fewer news reporters hit the campaign trail with the presidential candidates for long stretches of time this year. Is that necessarily a bad thing?   > read more
By  Paul Farhi
Unheeded Warnings
Well before this year’s economic collapse, business journalists shined a spotlight on serious problems in the U.S. economy. But regulators and members of the public didn’t pay much attention.   > read more
By  Chris Roush
Networking News
Traditional news outlets turn to social networking Web sites in an effort to build their online audiences.   > read more
By  Arielle Emmett
Lessons from the Trail
Online Exclusive » What metro newspapers can learn from Barack Obama’s victory   > read more
By  Phyllis Kaniss
When the Ax Falls Twice
A wife and husband lose their jobs at the same paper at the same time.   > read more
By  Pamela J. Podger
New Media and The Man
How will an Internet-savvy president deal with the White House press corps?   > read more
By  Lee Thornton
In the Tank?
John McCain more than earned his negative coverage.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Investing in the Future
News outlets that enhance their Web operations in tough times will reap benefits.   > read more
By  Barb Palser
Business Blather
The financial meltdown was a missed opportunity for cable news.   > read more
By  Deborah Potter
It Could Be Worse
Although not nearly as profitable as in the past, the newspaper industry is still making money.   > read more
By  John Morton
Cutting Cartoonists
As newspapers dispense with their editorial cartoonists, vibrant local commentary is diminished.   > read more
By  Lindsay Kalter
A Beacon for St. Louis
A nonprofit Web site aims to round out the local news menu for the Gateway to the West.   > read more
By  Lindsey McPherson  Megan Miller
Boiling It Down
The Week finds its niche distilling the news of the week that was.   > read more
By  Steven Mendoza
Moving at Reckless Speed
No Time to Think: The Menace of Media Speed and the 24-Hour News Cycle
By Howard Rosenberg and Charles S. Feldman
240 pages; $24.95   > read more
Book review by  Carl Sessions Stepp
The Maverick
Veteran editor and transparency maven Steve Smith follows the rules he believes in—his own.   > read more
By  Megan Miller
90 is the New 20
This science writer’s passion is undiminished after almost 50 years on the beat.   > read more
By  Lindsay Gsell
Afghanistan Coverage   > read more
A Calling, Not a Job   > read more
Soft on Obama?   > read more
Moral Decay   > read more
The Elite Newspaper Of the Future   > read more
The MBA Option   > read more
By  Meghan Meyer