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April/May 2009
Hunkering Down
June/July preview» Despite the massive economic problems plaguing the newspaper business, some journalists refuse to scramble for the lifeboats.   > read more
By  Beth Macy
The Twitter Explosion
June/July preview»Whether they are reporting about it, finding sources on it or urging viewers, listeners and readers to follow them on it, journalists just can’t seem to get enough of the social networking service. Just how effective is it as a journalism tool?   > read more
By  Paul Farhi
Cities Without Newspapers
June/July preview» As the economic noose tightens, the notion of big cities without local dailies seems a real possibility. What would the impact be on civic life? And what might emerge to fill the gap?   > read more
By  Rachel Smolkin
Before Deep Throat
June/July preview» The FBI director gave me explosive information about Watergate just two months after the break-in, but it never made its way into the New York Times.   > read more
By  Robert M. Smith
Fears for the Future
June/July preview» Who will pay for the nation’s newsgathering efforts?   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Off the Record
off-the-rec•ord adj. 1. Not for publication, public disclosure, or reporting in any form--unless it’s really, really good. Online Exclusive posted 5/4/2009 2:45p.m.   > read more
By  Jamie McIntyre
When Outrage Trumps Science
Italian quake prediction produces tabloid tremors Online Exclusive posted 4/17/09 12:00 p.m.   > read more
By  Jamie McIntyre
Statehouse Exodus
AJR’s latest survey of the nation’s state capitols finds a dramatic decrease in the number of newspaper reporters covering state government full time. A handful of digital news outlets are springing up to fill the breach. When will these efforts be enough to compensate for the loss of the newspaper watchdogs?   > read more
By  Jennifer Dorroh
AJR's 2009 Count of Statehouse Reporters
State-by-state numbers   > read more
By  AJR Staff
Correction   > read more
By  AJR Staff
A Costly Mistake?
When the Associated Press decided a decade ago to sell its news content to online portals, it may have hastened the decline of the daily newspapers that own the wire service.   > read more
By  Paul Farhi
Bullish on Journalism
A young reporter is excited, not discouraged, about the future of his profession. He urges his contemporaries to feel the same way.   > read more
By  Kevin Rector
A Dubious Benefactor
When the New York Times Co. needed to borrow money, it turned to a controversial Mexican billionaire one of its own writers had described as a “robber baron.” Who is Carlos Slim Helú and what are the journalistic ramifications of the deal?   > read more
By  Sherry Ricchiardi
The Quality-Control Quandary
As newspapers shed copy editors and post more and more unedited stories online, what’s the impact on their content?   > read more
By  Carl Sessions Stepp
A Time of Transition
Changing times for an industry and for the Merrill College   > read more
By  Lee Thornton
A Giant Departs
Reese Cleghorn was something special. He will be missed.   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Hitting the Tweet Spot
News outlets should use Twitter to reach elusive and valuable audiences.   > read more
By  Barb Palser
Endangered I-Teams
Local TV stations are unwisely jettisoning their investigative units.   > read more
By  Deborah Potter
The Morton Plan
Here’s how America’s newspapers can save themselves.   > read more
By  John Morton
Uncovering Extravagance
A longtime obituary writer breaks the story of profligate spending by airport officials.   > read more
By  Patrick Crowley
Don’t Empty That Inbox
The National Women & Media Collection seeks journalists’ documents.   > read more
By  Lindsay Gsell
Fewer newspapers are offering paid internships to journalism students.   > read more
By  Will Skowronski
Redeeming the Honor of Print
The Best American Magazine Writing 2008

Compiled by the American Society of Magazine Editors

Columbia University Press

568 pages; $16.95   > read more
Book review by  Carl Sessions Stepp

Journalist of the Future
The groundbreaking NBC digital correspondent Mara Schiavocampo   > read more
By  Priya Kumar
Life After Journalism   > read more
By   Unknown
Federal Shield Law Fallout   > read more
By   Unknown
Anonymous Blog Comments   > read more
By   Unknown