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April 2000
Journalism's Prize Culture
America's news organizations are caught up in a frenzy over winning contests. That may be a good thing for the winners, but how good is it for journalism?   > read more
By  Alicia C. Shepard
Middle Management Blues
Beleaguered midlevel editors can benefit from management training.   > read more
By  Sharyn Vane
State of Tension
Relations are strained between Madeleine Albright's State Department and the reporters who cover it. Lower-level officials have been kept off-limits, their bosses discouraged from talking. But as a new press spokesman takes command, hopes for a thaw are in the air.   > read more
By  Dean Fischer
Highway to the Danger Zone
That's the road Marie Colvin travels to the world's battlefields. Her vivid writing, sometimes first person, and clear point of view make for compelling reading in the Sunday Times of London. But do her techniques cross the line?   > read more
By  Sherry Ricchiardi
No Secrets
With more and more public records being posted on news Web sites, privacy can seem like a quaint, outdated notion. Are there any limits to what should be considered fair game?   > read more
By  Jeff South
Curing Health and Medical Coverage
Journalists need to be more skeptical and place developments in context to avoid confusing the public.   > read more
By  Bryant Stamford
My Life with the Candor Man
Forget straight talk, there was no talk at all from John McCain for this former Arizona Republic reporter.   > read more
By  Adrianne Flynn
AJR Cheers a New President
Editor and author Tom Kunkel takes office in July.   > read more
By  Reese Cleghorn
Leading the Charge   > read more
By  Rem Rieder
Should newspaper companies set up stand-alone new-media operations?   > read more
By  David Carlson
The Joke’s on Her
A broad- caster’s firing underscores the dangers of flip, potentially offensive remarks.   > read more
By  Lou Prato
Gag Her with an Injunction
An Alaska school super- intendent asks a court to silence his arch-critic.   > read more
By  Jane Kirtley
Who Will Be Next?
The Times Mirror deal may set the stage for sales of other family-controlled newspaper companies.   > read more
By  John Morton
A Story About Rumors That Didn't Pan Out   > read more
By  Natalie Pompilio
Building TV News Brick by Brick
A news director in northwest Arkansas is deep in the process of starting something relatively unusual in journalism--a broadcast news operation from scratch.   > read more
By  Kelly Heyboer   > read more
By  Erin Heath
Jazz Beats   > read more
By  Jessica Leshnoff
Motto a Go-Go   > read more
By  AJR Staff
Sunday Mag Goes Broadsheet   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
From the Birthplace of Monty Python
London's Guardian oft times pokes fun at its published blunders.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Including the Negative About the Dead   > read more
By  Susan Paterno
Any Way You Like It   > read more
By  Greg Simmons
A Stellar Model for Consumer Reporting
Squandering Aimlessly: My Adventures in the American Marketplace

By David Brancaccio
Simon & Schuster
288 pages; $25   > read more
Book review by  Carl Sessions Stepp

No One's Laughing
What started as a joke at Toledo's Blade ends in a reporter's suspension, cries of censorship and the withholding of bylines by staffers and management alike.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Quitting in Protest
An owner of five California free weeklies sees his stance on covering gays and abortion as simply good community newspapering.   > read more
By  Lori Robertson
Betting on Vegas
Tom Gorman likes the hand he’s been dealt.   > read more
By  Sean Mussenden
Triumphant Tribune
Tribune Co. acquires Times Mirror Co. in an $8 billion stock-and-cash deal that promises both a new-media advantage for Tribune and old- media ascendancy.   > read more
By  AJR Staff
Back to Motown
Everett J. Mitchell II goes back to his journalistic roots, taking the managing editor job at the Detroit News.   > read more
By  AJR Staff
Make That a Double
Due to an expensive communications problem, the judges for the Selden Ring Award for investigative reporting pick two winners rather than one. Doug Ring doles out $25,000 to each.   > read more
By  AJR Staff
Challenges for Cheatwood
The CBS Television Stations group gets something of a resident consultant and synergist.   > read more
By  AJR Staff
Media Moves
ABC News President David Westin names three senior executives to help steer the network.   > read more
By  AJR Staff
Cliché Corner   > read more
By  Lori Robertson