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From AJR,   June/July 2004

You Say Wall. I Say Fence...   

H ow do you describe a structure that is a 30-foot concrete wall in some places, a fortified fence in others? Lots of ways.

"[T]he fence is really a strip--up to 100 yards wide--of razor wire, trenches, sensors and cameras."
Thomas Friedman, New York Times

"[A] 60- to 100-yard-wide combination of fences, ditches, roads, 25-foot-high concrete walls, barbed wire, watchtowers, cameras and electronic sensors.."
John Ward Anderson, Washington Post

"Israel calls it a 'security fence' or 'peace line,' aimed at blocking suicide bombers from the West Bank. Palestinians call it the 'apartheid wall' or the 'new Berlin Wall,' aimed at isolating them and stealing their land."
Michael Woods, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette>

"The 90 miles of barrier already completed, up to 100 yards wide, consists of high, electrified fencing, plunging ditches and twinned roads of dirt and asphalt that can take Israeli tanks and lighter vehicles on security patrols."
John F. Burns, New York Times

"The wall, as Palestinians call it--a mélange of concrete barricades, wire fencing and other fortifications.."
Laura King, Los Angeles Times

An "imposing concrete barrier.."
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

"With its base planted in a trench and its slabs slotted together, the wall going up on Sunday rose more than 25 feet above the ground and seemed certain to repel climbers."
James Bennet, New York Times

"[T]he so-called 'separation fence' or 'security fence,' or more aptly, the 'Apartheid Wall'..is at least three times as long and twice as high as the once infamous Berlin Wall."
Palestine Media Watch

"While nearly all news photos show an enormous concrete structure, in fact only 3% of the security fence will be constructed from concrete... Fully 97% of the barrier will be a chain-link fence."

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